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Interested in playing Magic’s legacy format with other serious MTG players? East Coast Gaming hosts legacy events at their local game store in Cary, NC. Every Wednesday night, you can join other players for our Legacy night, but we also have casual players with legacy decks that can usually be found on location. While the legacy format is generally considered more competitive, players of any skill set are welcome to compete.

What Is The Legacy Format of MTG?

The legacy Magic format, in it’s current form, was created in 2004 and is considered an “eternal” format. It differs from the vintage format because the legacy format doesn’t only ban or restrict cards based on abilities that focus around “ante” or “conspiracy”. The legacy format has a list of banned cards that are considered too powerful. In legacy MTG, players may have decks with a minimum of 60 cards and no maximum. Your deck may also have 15 cards in a sideboard and no more than 4 of any card (excluding basic lands) between the main deck and sideboard.

Unlike the modern & standard formats, legacy is eternal, which means that some of the more powerful cards, which are legal in the format, may be expensive and harder to find. East Coast Gaming does have many legacy staples in stock and for sale if you are looking to be more competitive in legacy

For a full set of rules, to see the banned card list, and to find out what sets are legal in legacy, please click the button below.

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Looking to Buy or Sell Legacy MTG Cards?

East Coast Gaming has a large inventory of rare and powerful cards from different sets dating back to when MTG was first released. Some of our more high dollar cards may not be able to be found on our ebay store, but if you are looking for a special, hard to find card, chances are we can get it for you. Please contact us on the form below or give us a call at (919) 650-2366. We have a pretty simple buylist and are looking to buy most cards. If you are looking to sell vintage Magic cards and don’t live near Raleigh, we still want to talk.  If you have a collection to sell, contact us and we can schedule a time to give you an estimate.

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