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Do you enjoy playing Magic on a weekly basis? Does an ongoing competition against multiple other Magic players pique your interest? If so, check out our Magic: The Gathering league at East Coat Gaming in Cary (on the border of Raleigh). Our league runs multiple seasons each year and usually coincides with the release of a new MTG set. Our League is a sealed constructed format and players can add to their card pool on a weekly basis.

How Does This Magic League Work?

Our MTG league at East Coast Gaming is a pretty loosely scheduled event that runs for 6 weeks after each new set release.

Current League: From 7/13-8/25


Cost: $45 for the duration of the league


Prize: 1 Booster Box split based on # of players and standings.


Deck Construction: Each player gets 10 booster packs and must build a 40 card (minimum) deck from those cards. The league promo card received is not legal for the deck. Each week, players may add ONE pack to their card pool. This pack can be won by winning 3 matches against separate opponents or playing 6 matches against separate opponents. If you are unable to win 3 matches or play 6 matches against different opponents, you may purchase a pack in store.


Game Play: Players must schedule their own matches each week and report their standings. At the end of 6 weeks there will be a tournament. The current tournament is 8/25 @ 3PM


What if I Miss A Week or Two?: While you can’t make up games you missed, you are allowed to purchase a pack for each week you were unable to play so you can add to your card pool.

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