D & D Adventures – Sunless Citadel – 5 Player Limit in Cary NC

December 15, 2018

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sunless Citadel by Bruce Cordell

Come out and join Dungeon Master Lance Shrader for a classic DnD module. Players will begin the campaign as 1st level characters and characters should be at 3rd level when the adventure concludes.

What is it?

The sunless Citadel is a Dungeons & Dragons Module designed for players to progress from level 1 to 3. It takes 6 – 4 hour play sessions to complete.

Play begins on 12/15 at 2 pm and following sessions will be scheduled weekly.


**Note – Due to potential inclement weather and holiday schedules, players should expect 1-2 sessions to be rescheduled. We anticipate the event being finished by the end of January.

Cost is $49.95 per participant Space is limited to 5 participants

Character creation. Players are expected to bring a completed first level character to the first session. If you need assistance the DM will be available on December 15th at 1 pm for any final character questions.

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