Pokémon League in Cary NC

February 2, 2019

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Come out and play Pokémon TCG for three hours! All casual, all fun! Come play, make friends, learn strategies, and accrue match points to start earning prizes. One match, win or lose, gives you a point.

Our Pokemon League is owned an

d run by Kristine Freeman, our resident Pokémon Professor. She is both our tcg judge and tournament organizer. League is a free three-hour gaming session for those who wish to find a community to play and trade with. Our League allows both the trading card game and the video game, but we do not have as much support for the latter. We meet almost every Saturday morning, from 11am to 2pm.

As for the rules – we allow Legacy format for League games, as in any card from any set. We are pretty lax, preferring players to have fun more than anything else. We allow proxies, world championship cards, and foreign cards (as long as both players know what they do).

For being Pokémon certified, we get a free promotional card from the Pokémon Company for every registered Player ID we report each month. For every 3 games a player wins, they can receive a promo card of their choosing. The three wins can be stretched among multiple League days.

Our League does something a little differently than other Leagues, perhaps. Due to a special promo Pokémon had sent down (“Gym Badge”, a card featuring one of the original 8 gym leaders), we promote one or two players each week randomly to “Gym Leader”. If a player can beat a Gym Leader without using proxies, world championship cards, and foreign cards, they are eligible to win the “Gym Badge” promo.

Kristine is our resident teacher and if you come wanting to learn how to play the TCG (trading card game), she is always willing to sit with you and explain the basics as well as give you resources for practice at home.

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